We started offering Docker Consulting services early on - back long before version 1.0 of Docker was released. Docker now is on version 19.03.8 and this release is one of the most stable releases. Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen more of our clients rushing to upgrade to this version of Docker.

While it may be that people are working from home now more than ever in the Covid19 world, it’s a great opportunity to get your software upgraded. This Docker software version 19.03.8 also upgrades Golang to 1.12.17, which also affords many upgrades. We’re seeing most of our clients who have upgraded run builds quicker and deploy with less headaches.

We’re offering a 15% promotion on Docker Consulting if you sign a contract with us before May 1.

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Mike Halvorsen

Mike Halvorsen has been building things with open source software since 1997. As an early adopter of linux container technology, Mike has deep experience using linux containers at scale.